Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care involves taking a loved one to a facility that is licensed to provide non-residential care for dementia or other age related challenges for period of time during the day. It can be a good arrangement for those who are working during the week but have primary responsibility for the care of an aging parent.

Unfortunately, there are very few facilities of this type in the greater Austin Metro area and the facilities that do exist usually have waiting lists. The advantage of an Adult Day Care is that they can offer excellent care for a lower price than Home Care because the caregivers are working with more than one client at a time. The social atmosphere can also have positive effects on the well being of clients.


Home Care is a viable alternative to Adult Day Care. While home care will be more expensive, we offer the ability to start services now, rather than when a space becomes available. Our one on one service offers more attention and engagement than one might find in a day care environment. And we are happy to provide services until a space becomes available if Adult Day Care is ultimately a better fit for your needs.