Elderly Respite Care

Respite care is care provided to a loved one in place of the care they usually receive from a primary caregiver such as a spouse or an adult child. This care is provided to give the primary caregiver a break and an opportunity to recharge their batteries. In most cases, this care takes place in an institutional setting such as a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility.

When a family feels the need to provide respite care to a primary caregiver, they might want to consider a regular and routine schedule of home care as a way to provide more permanent relief for that caregiver. A limited schedule of homecare providing a few hours of relief weekly may help the primary caregiver more than an emergency respite stay.


The role of primary caregiver can be exhausting, even for the most dedicated of caregivers. At RedBud, we work with many families who feel the need to seek out just a little additional support a primary caregiver. Our job is to make things better, for both our clients and their families. If a few hours of home care each week make things better, we are happy to help.