Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your caregivers?

Being a small, family run agency, RedBud is fortunate enough to get to know and work closely with each of our caregivers. We employ a variety of caregivers ranging from young nursing students and certified nurse’s assistants (CNAs) to more mature and experienced caregivers. Due to this variety, RedBud is able to match you or your family member with a great caregiver that suits your/their needs and personality.

My mother is in a facility, can you work with her there?

Yes, RedBud is able to work with your mother within a facility. In this situation, our caregivers are able to work side by side with the facility staff to help monitor safety concerns, attend activities, and most importantly provide one on one companionship that may not always be possible in a facility environment.

Are you bonded, licensed and insured?

Yes. RedBud wants you to feel secure with your choice to have us in your home. As such, we provide you with the security of knowing RedBud is licensed and governed by the Department of Aging and Disability Services, (license number: 015185) and that we are fully insured.

What can a caregiver help me with?

RedBud caregivers are licensed through The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) to perform personal assistance services. This means we can help with light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation for errands and doctor’s appointments, as well as with toileting, brief changing, showers/baths and bed baths. Our caregivers also assist with day to day hygiene such as brushing teeth, doing make-up and hair, and applying lotion.

Can a caregiver help my parents pay their bills?

While RedBud’s caregivers are able to help your parents with many things, such as housework, meal preparation, and transportation, RedBud recommends you seek out a financial advisor to assist them in any bill paying.

Do you have a minimum number of hours?

Yes. In order to ensure continuity of care as well as the appropriate caregiver for your needs, RedBud requires a 4 hour minimum.

Will my insurance pay for this?

It depends on the type of insurance you have. Long term care is covered by long term care insurance, a type of insurance purchased separately from health insurance. Clients who have not purchased long term care insurance will most likely pay out of pocket for our services.

Private health insurance and Medicare do not typically provide coverage for home care over an extended period of time. In some instances veterans may qualify for VA benefits that can be used to pay for our services.

Do you provide skilled nursing?

No. Red Bud is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability to provide Personal Assistance Services. Red Bud focuses on assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) to help seniors live independently in their homes. Those needing the care of a medical professional should seek guidance from their primary care physician or other qualified medical professionals.

What is your service area?

Red Bud is licensed to provide services in Travis, Hays, Comal, Guadalupe, Caldwell, Bastrop, and Blanco counties.

What can my caregiver help me with?

Red Bud focuses on our clients Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). These are the tasks and activities one needs to accomplish to successfully live at home. They include personal care, bathing, cooking, light cleaning, toileting, mobility, etc. We also provide help with transportation, organizing, pet care, shopping, medical appointments and communication. Most importantly, we provide companionship, safety and security.

Does Red Bud have experience working with Dementia and Alzheimers?

Yes! Red Bud works with many clients who are experiencing some degree of cognitive impairment and we are very sensitive to their changing needs. Our first and only mission is to provide for the safety and emotional well-being of our clients. Our entire staff is sensitive to the unique needs of those experiencing a cognitive impairment and through teamwork, training and problem solving we are able to provide care solutions that meet their needs.

Will I always have the same caregiver?

RedBud works very hard to provide as consistent and reliable care with the same caregivers whenever possible. There are times when caregivers get sick or need time off and then we ask our caregiving staff to work as a team and cover for other caregivers. This is always in consultation with our clients. We can discuss ahead of time how you would like us to handle various situations that might arise.

Do I get to make my own schedule?

Yes, absolutely. We do have a four hour minimum and sometimes clients like to prioritize the availability of particular caregivers in creating their schedule. But the final choice in schedule is always up to the client. We do ask for 24 hour notice in shift cancellations and to understand that in order to encourage our caregivers to be as reliable and consistent in their schedules as possible, it is important not to change schedules on them too frequently.

How do you match the caregivers to your clients?

Since RedBud HomeCare is a small, family run business we get to know our caregivers very well. After meeting with our clients, doing an assessment and creating a customized individual care plan, we have a good idea of what specific qualities in a caregiver would match a client well. The relationship between the client and the caregiver is fundamentally the most important one and so we put a lot of effort into getting it right. If for any reason, there is not a good fit between the caregiver and client, we keep working on it until we find the best match.

What is your screening process for caregivers?

Before caregivers are scheduled for their initial interview, we check their qualifications to see if they are a Certified Nursing Assistant or have at least a year of direct care experience with the elderly. During their interview, we rank their training and prior experience in all the specific areas they may working with us - bathing, transferring, cooking, medication reminders, toiling, dementia care. In addition to meeting basic criteria, we also look for caregivers that show a genuine interest in the elderly and are passionate about their work. Since our company has a well being approach to caregiving, we seek out caregivers who have interests that can help support our clients overall quality of life.

Should I activate my long term care insurance?

This is a question that must be answered after careful examination of your specific long term care policy, preferably with a qualified financial advisor or insurance specialist. Individual policies can be dramatically different in terms of their elimination period, length of coverage and daily benefit. There are many important factors to consider and we not not recommend trusting anyone's opinion unless they had could look at all the specifics of your policy. The ultimate goal should be to maximize your benefit and to receive the care you need for as long as possible.