At Home Memory Care

At RedBud Home Care we specialize in providing memory care to those living at home with cognitive decline. Alzheimer's and related dementias are progressive conditions that affect individuals in very unique ways. Care plans must be flexible and tailored to the unique needs of each client. At RedBud, we have done this hundreds of times, and through this experience we have learned many strategies to allow those living with memory loss to remain in their own homes.

RedBud believes that the needs of a memory care patient are best met by working within a framework of Overall Wellbeing. Good and restful sleep, good food, structure and predictability, autonomy and engagement are the pillars of the Overall Wellbeing approach. The goal of Overall Wellbeing is to minimize the opportunities for confusion and provide the most opportunity for autonomy and expression. RedBud caregivers are routinely coached by our care team to insure that the needs of our clients are being met in every possible way.

Memory care is the heart and soul of our daily practice. We truly love it and we love
helping families dealing with this challenging issue.