Our Well-being Approach

At RedBud HomeCare, we believe that person's value and worth should not be connected to their ability to access a specific kind of memory. Anyone living with dementia should be respected as a complete person and honored as an individual. It is important not to look forward with fear, but to embrace each and every moment in the present as a gift.

Truly knowing and learning how to best communicate with the person with dementia is essential in supporting activities that nurture a sense of well being. A sense of well being is what makes life enjoyable for everyone, and this does not change with a dementia diagnosis.

Many of the negative behaviors we might associate with advanced dementia - anger, wandering, anxiety, distress and helplessness - can be greatly decreased and alleviated by fostering a sense of well being.


Research has shown that well being can be created by supporting these areas in a person's life - joy, meaning, growth, security, autonomy, identity and connectedness. As Dr. Allen Power, a leading gerontologist, has stressed, these are some of the most important pillars of well being and when these needs are adequately addressed, many of the more problematic behaviors are resolved.