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Parkinson's Home Care Services

RedBud home care has extensive experience providing care to those living with Parkinson’s. In our experience, Parkinson’s is a difficult condition because it is unpredictable and somewhat undefined. In some cases we have worked with clients for an extended period of time who exhibit some symptoms of Parkinsons but only later are medical professionals able to make a definitive diagnosis. In our experience symptoms can become better, or worse, and these changes in condition are unpredictable.


Parkinson's Care at Home

Parkinson’s can strike at a relatively young age and often advances slowly. We have worked with many clients who work hard at interrupting the advance of Parkinson’s with exercise, physical and occupational therapy, and medical treatments. In these cases, our job is to be supportive and creative in helping the client make adjustments to improve their quality of life.

In particular, Parkinson’s can cause speech and eating to become difficult as it begins to affect the muscles of the throat. A close relationship with a caregiver can be very important to make communication easier for our clients and careful attention to what the client is eating can greatly reduce the discomfort associated with painful or impaired swallowing. We can also assist our clients with their physical and occupational exercises prescribed by their therapy team.

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